Centre Fire Rifles from Kempsey Firearms

At Kempsey Firearms we stock a wide range of centre fire rifles including those by Browning, Howa, Ruger Tika and more. We also have access to a large range of other quality manufacturers rifles. And if we don't have it on the shelf we will do our best to get it for you and you may be surprised at how competitive our prices are too!

We also stock a wide range of accessories specifically for rifle owners including ammo, gun safes and cases. Check out our accessories page for more information.

Contact the friendly team at Kempsey Firearms your local gun shop today on (02) 6562 4554.

Our range of centre fire rifles in stock includes :-

Crowning rifles

Tikka T3

T3 Lite S/S
T3 Hunter Blue
T3 Hunter S/S
T3 Varmint S/S
T3 Forest Blue

howa rifles


1500 Sporter Blue
1500 Sporter S/S
1500 Varmint Blue
1500 Varmint S/S
Mini Action - Ultralight
Mini Action - Sporter
Mini Action - Heavey Barrell



American Sporter Blue
American Sporter S/S
American Predator
77 Gunsite
77 Sporter

Ruger rifles


700 SPS S/S
7600 Pump Action

Savage rifles

Savage Arms

Axis II Sporter Blue
25 Light Varmint

sako rifles


85 Hunter
85 Varmint Wood S/S

tikka rifles


A-Bolt Hunter

Rifle accessories


B14 Timber
B14 Sporter

We can also supply to order at competitive prices other brands including:-

ansdhutz rifles

Anschutz Rifles

Barrett rifles

Barrett Rifles

cz rifles

CZ Rifles

henry rifles

Henry Rifles


Kimber Rifles

marlin rifles

Marlin Rifles

montana rifles

Montana Rifles

rossi rifles

Rossi Rifles

Weatherby rifles

Weatherby Rifles


Winchester Rifles


Zastava Rifles